Waiver - Hot Rock Adventure Centre


Is this your first visit to Hot Rock? 
There are two things you need to do… 

1. Complete a waiver with our partner MindBody Online,
by quickly making an account and following the prompts.


2. Find the best time to visit and see our staff for your induction training (10-15min).
Anytime during business hours is fine, no bookings required.

How it all works..

We encourage people to climb with a partner, one person climbing the other looking after the safety rope or ‘belaying’.
Children under the age of 13 years are too young to ‘belay’ and require an adult or partner older then 13 years. Sometimes
it is hard to find a partner, so we made an awesome climbing community just for you. Try posting a request for a climbing partner
on our FaceBook page, the  JCU Club Page or sign up for our Introductory Climbing Class on Tuesday nights.

Under 18?

You don’t need to be an adult to climb. We do need a parent of legal guardian to complete a waiver for you.
You will need some supervision if under the age of 14 years though.

Something Else..

We host lots of other activities such as school, youth and adult group bookings; Aerial Silk Training, Climbing Courses, Yoga, Pilates and much more.
A minimum group size of  8 climbers is required for most group bookings, but we are quite flexible so contact us to discuss your options.

Check out what is available under the Groups Tab.