FAQ - Hot Rock Adventure Centre



Do I need to book?
Nobody needs to book a time, just come in for a climb whenever you like. However groups larger then 8 people need to reserve a place so we have a staff member ready to assist. 

What does ‘belay’ mean?
To ‘belay’ or ‘belaying’ is the technique of controlling the safety rope attached to the climber to stop them falling to the ground. All climbers must have a belayer whilst climbing at Hot Rock.

Is there a time limit? 
Your entry fee allows you to stay as long as you like that day, we are not in a rush, we want you to enjoy the experience. 

How old do my children need to be?
We have had as young as 3 years old climbing on our walls, so its not really an issue. Children must be 14 years or older to belay another climber. 

What if I have never climbed before?
No previous experience is necessary, climbing is fun and enjoyable for everyone. Just come down and we will show you how it all works and give some friendly advice while you learn the ropes. You can also check out our Introductory Climbing Class every Tuesday night to help you gain some confidence. 

Do I need a partner?
Climbing with friends is always more fun (Unless you’re Alex Honnold), but if you are new in town or need to find a new climbing buddy come down anytime and we can introduce you to other climbers. You can also post a partner request onto our FaceBook page or the JCU Club Page.